Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hulme CANAM the neo Zeeland super car V8 goes to the Corvette Z06

The super car Hulme had only seen drawing and a model is not march, now far in 2008, shown in several exhibition. finally we come back to talk about this latest super car Zeeland, devoted to pilot Denny Hulme, because the project has evolve into a real car, which has in use the first steps in preparation and is lastly ready to beat the competitor emblazon all over the world . V8 engine from BMW M5 E39, we motivated to the V8 LS7 Corvette Z06, capable after a slight expansion of 600Cv.

The model has made a public appearance during a race dell’A1Gp in New Zealand and shot with no any difficulty, improvement in a boat with no the full fairing by means of which it has for all time been shown. The new car is name after Denny Hulme, New Zealander win the F1 title in 1967 previous to going on to win Can-Am competition next year.

Appropriately, car shown above is painted the same bright orange hue as the McAllen racer in which he did it. We’ve been next progress of car, before referred to as the Hulme F1, for a few years now. Along with name modify and the addition of an open-roof model, the Hulme has expected a heart remove in the form of a 7.0-liter LS7 V8 borrowed from the Corvette Z06 to return previous BMW unit, offering 600 horsepower.

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